A great framework for visitor management

Important: correctly record all the details of the event

Important: correctly record all the details of the event

The «backbone» of visitor management is built on the compilation of an event’s data.

baltazaar would be pleased to demonstrate how tools such as Excel, as well as traditional mail solutions quickly reach their limits, and how organizers can make their lives much easier in a special technical environment.

In the best case …

  • all key data are known and compiled
  • the customer database of the organizer provides a good foundation
  • additional necessary information can be requested in the registration process
  • all booking options are available to visitors when registering for the event
  • registration deadlines, according to schedule, are integrated and binding (e.g. registration can close after a certain period)
  • groups of participants are defined and corresponding evaluations are possible
  • participants can be invited and addressed individually
  • accompanying persons are recorded at the same time, just as special requests and orders
  • logistics can be integrated with respect to the arrival and departure times
  • different billing and payment methods are possible
  • all components can be customized


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