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Every conversation is all about the visitor

Every conversation is all about the visitor

The visitor is king! If that’s the motto for your event, you’ve already got a head start. Enter baltazaar: long before the execution, we think through your event thoroughly and discuss everything that’s going to take place to align it to the high expectations of the visitors.

Experience provides certainty and improves the implementation.

We look at every detail to consider the impact they will have on the participants. From master plan to discussion of individual building blocks, and we consult you as intensely as you please.

  • All-inclusive, Carefree Package: For your special event, we develop a customized, comprehensive visitor management plan.
  • Concept Check: We examine concepts such as current events as to their feasibility with respect to all issues that affect visitors. We identify potential vulnerabilities and complete all necessary steps.
  • Master Data Check: By reviewing your client and CRM data, we identify weak points and gaps that could influence the future invitation and registration process.
  • Project Planning: If you mainly use «standard tools», we set up the framework, bring all the individual components into a meaningful sequence and create a practicable project plan.
  • Location Scouting: We check individual venues in Switzerland, Germany and international trade fair cities and provide you with a realistic assessment of where and how your project can best be implemented.

We then add our recommendations, ideas and experience to your requirements. This allows us to take care of your project very personally and with careful attention to detail. Arrange a consultation appointment with us today. With no obligation.

We align the needs of the guests with the ideas of our clients.
The result?
A smoothly running event to everyone's satisfaction.

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