Ideas • Examples of our collaborations

Of course, we have many ideas for projects. So in order for you to obtain an impression of our work, we invent events on this page and implement an aspect of each with respect to visitor management.

Example project: “königskonferenz” – international Managers’ Conference

Thema: baltazaar puts the communication and the registration process on track for an international Managers’ Conference. From registration to communication, baltazaar is ready to individualize the processes and adjust any event to its needs.

Here you can access the (anonymized) conference website on

Important note concerning the example project and data privacy:

You just register here with your name and e-mail address that we save only during your visit. Do not worry, you are not entering into any obligations, the event is purely fictitious and your data is in safe hands with us (see also Legal Notices for using our website).

In the further course, the example projects can be set up so that links lead to the baltazaar project environment, possibly on separate servers. Since we want to protect them accordingly, we have prefixed the registration and ask for understanding that we collect this data.

Important notices and privacy, for example project: The companies listed in the projects and events are fictitious and any resemblance to existing companies is purely coincidental. Client projects and data are, as a rule, not made public.