Astrid Thommen • Managing Hostess, Visitor Care

Astrid Thommen

Astrid Thommen

Astrid is in charge on-site to guarantee everything goes as planned. She knows for sure: visitors always come with high expectations. And they must be fulfilled. If something gets out of control somewhere, immediate action is crucial – you do what you have to do. First priority: take care of the needs of the guests on-site.

Experience and projects:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the area of expo, congress and event management. On both the client and event management side.
  • Many years of experience as Managing Hostess

And in Astrid’s own words:

«I would like every single guest to think: I am the king! – and rightly so! Everything should revolve around him/her, everything has to work, and he/she should feel right at home. This is important because every single visitor will strengthen the reputation of the whole event. Referrals, visitor loyalty – things like these just don’t happen by coincidence.»

Astrid identifies herself fully with her profession and is totally committed to giving absolutely everything. After the hustle and bustle, she finds peace in meditation and, through it, draws new energy for everyday life.