Arranging trade show meetings

Set up meetings beforehand – not on the fly

Set up meetings beforehand – not on the fly

If you communicate your planned trade show presence to your potential customers and inform them of the date, the hall and stand number, you probably have in mind setting up meetings and conducting talks with them.

But many clients are not ready to spontaneously have meetings «on the fly». Professional visitors often have well-filled schedules.

Take advantage of baltazaar’s wide range of communication possibilities to be optimally prepared: the trade show will be integrated in the communication at an early date to provide interested visitors with the opportunity of arranging a meeting right at the stand.

They receive information about the products on show and planned presentations beforehand and they can communicate their interests or request written information.

And even for people who do not wish to make a fixed appointment, you’ll already have initial point of contact and the chance to follow up.

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