Beatrice Delco Koch • Visitor Manager, Processes

Beatrice Delco Koch

Beatrice Delco Koch

Beatrice puts herself in the position of visitors of an event and makes sure that everything they experience – whether it’s before, during or afterwards – goes flawlessly. Visitors experience this as individual, first-class care. Basically this entails thinking ahead, empathy and reflection.

Experience and projects:

  • Over 10 years of experience in Process and Project Management (Focus: Customer Relationship Management
  • Organizer with a Federal Diploma
  • Change Manager SGO (2009)

And in Beatrice’s own words:

«I prefer to look for solutions to difficult challenges. If an event turns out to be complex, I burst into bloom. We find solutions for each step of the process, thus simplifying the organization for both our clients and visitors. If our clients have nothing to worry about, then I’ve done my job properly.»

Beatrice is very active: in running shoes or on her bike at a Gigathlon or on a road around her home. She takes city tours throughout the world, but also treats herself to relaxing hikes in the Swiss mountains. And always with a cozy chill-out afterwards with her loved ones.