Online registration and login

Online registration: simple and convenient

Online registration: simple and convenient

If you say A, then you must also be able to say B: if you invite visitors and participants you must also ensure their smooth registration and login.

Online registration via the baltazaar user interface is intuitive and comfortable. And a customized surface design in the CI of organizer or the event can also be implemented. We define the required query and mandatory fields together with the organizer beforehand.

If participant data is available, for example, from previous events, it is stored in the registration form, so the visitor will not have to enter information that is already known again. He can update his data, register himself and possible companions (the number allowed can be defined for each participant or group of participants), or cancel – and of course, book any services of the event.

Once registered, participants receive a short confirmation e-mail, which provides an overview of the services booked and includes a personal registration link.

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