Booking a conference program easily and conveniently

Making program items convenient to book

Making program items convenient to book

During the invitation and registration process for conferences, it is important that all details and information are available to visitors as early as possible. And changes need to be updated immediately.

Businesspeople (and their assistants) are considered media-friendly – as long as the registration can be booked conveniently and contains reliable information.

They then control their schedules, travel details and often the registration either by e-mail, via website or via their mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, well thought-out communication and the use of web-based media are the tools of choice.

In the course of the registration process, a link first leads to the online registration is provided. The participant can choose from the desired offers and book them at his or her leisure.

If your conference is very complex and you are presented with an abundance of offers, a small window can be integrated into each in which the main contents are summarized. This saves the participant from having to return every time to the main information and the registration process remains clear.

Booked services can be settled via the desired form of billing (single invoice, company invoice) or by a personal credit card.

In addition, hotel offers can be added and parking spaces or transport tickets can be offered for sale. The ordering of the conference documents and additional information can also be integrated. And a lot more!

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