Making product presentation something special

Another idea: added value through a suitable supporting program

Another idea: added value through a suitable supporting program

Promising in marketing and sales, popular with target audiences: the key to achieving sales targets is, for many industries, having effective product presentations.

As an organizer, your competitors’ offers compete with yours and you often deal with guests whose daily business is characterized by a lack of time.

With baltazaar, you can clearly differentiate yourself. Provide transparency for visitors at all levels of the event: arrival, transfers, lodging, meals, program, accompanying events – with baltazaar the event is perfectly timed down to the last detail.

Each participant will have a detailed overview of what, when, where something is to happen and how it can fit into his or her personal planning (business and private).

Organizers get room for flexibility: if it is known that this time, fewer but good partners have confirmed, so that the budget could be enough for the higher class hotel, its additional offers can be willingly accepted as further «highlights». If it is known that the high-volume Sales Team South cannot arrive until the second day, then important parts of the program can be rescheduled for that day.

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