The VIV • The Very Important Visitor

Eng verbunden: Closely associated: Satisfaction and appreciation.

Closely associated: Satisfaction and appreciation

For baltazaar, VIV is much more than a play on words and letters: it’s a philosophy.

Our conviction: emphasize taking good care of all visitors – not only the typical VIP. Because every single satisfied guest is a contributing factor on the way to your event’s economic success. Why?

Appreciation creates added value

Ein zufriedener Besucher kommt wieder, ob zu Folgeveranstaltungen oder zu einem anderen Anlass Ihres Hauses. Er ist genA satisfied visitor will return – whether to follow-up events or some other occasion put on by your company. He is inclined to order additional services that add value to the event for both you and him. If everything goes smoothly, he’ll recommend you to others and will become the link between the event and future visitors.

Active visitor management at a high level is not an easy task. With baltazaar, you achieve all-inclusive care for your Very Important Visitors. We become involved at a very early stage and our experience will be valuable for your entire project.

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Before, during, and after the event, we transform your registered participants into inherently satisfied guests.