Jobs • Working in the baltazaar Project Team

Work with us!

Work with us!

Personal and professional. These are the terms that are inseparable for us when it comes to the first-class care of visitors. The client is king, every visitor is a VIV, a Very Important Visitor. We would be delighted if you felt comfortable with this philosophy.

For different projects and in our network, we are always looking for:

  • Hostesses and hosts and for various projects and events
  • Student assistants to support us in the project office

How we imagine working together

In the fast-paced expo and event business, we need people who can both understand and think ahead. Our team works on projects for a whole range of clients and events. This means that you should master your job, be able to adapt very quickly to new situations and environments and to be receptive and curious when it comes to subjects that are new to you.

Care in the handling of confidential client data should be as much matter of course as a neat appearance and a friendly, confident presence.