Implementation • Minimum effort, maximum flexibility

With an eye on the comprehensive successful implementation

With an eye on the comprehensive successful implementation

In any discussion, at some point the question arises: how can we implement the specific requirements of your event technically? Our tool is our own technical solution that allows us to operate with pinpoint accuracy.

Why a customized, flexible package is so important

We like to think in terms of success. But imagine for a moment

  • how the high-ranking participants of an international trade conference would respond if they were denied access to the lectures they had booked for technical reasons;
  • what would happen if the software for the ticketing didn’t correctly import the records from your address management tool and produced a number of erroneous billings with additional high costs;
  • that your most important guests are not on the reception list at your gala evening because your office has been using the Excel list that’s two weeks old;
  • that a bad invitation procedure and the implementation of standard tools led to planning your event for only 200 instead of the desired 1000 guests.

All of this can be avoided. We provide a professional solution that requires the least amount of effort.

We will tailor the technology employed to your exact requirements.